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15313Re: [Yuricon] Not-flames

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  • Alan Harnum
    Jun 7, 2004
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      Sounds like a troll to me. I wouldn't even bother.

      You can write something that isn't a flame and still not be worth paying
      attention to. I can understand discomfort with the review being public;
      if you're that uncomfortable, speak to the administrators and see about
      getting it removed. Otherwise, I'd just put it down to the nature of the
      Internet, where learning to have a thick skin is sort of a necessary
      survival technique.


      On Mon, 7 Jun 2004, what is a dooky wrote:

      > I was curious... how do the fanfic writers here deal with reviews and
      > feedback that, while not flames, still manage to be incredibly
      > insulting? For instance, I received this gem with regards to one of
      > my El-Hazard yuri fics:
      > "This story is good, considering the fact that it managed to
      > entertain a die-hard hater of homosexuals like me..."
      > I recieved an identical review for my Cardcaptor Sakura fic.
      > Amusingly, the same writer emailed me asking for a review of his El-
      > Hazard story, but since even fis ff.n profile describes him as
      > a "small, wiry faggot-basher supreme," I can't say I'm enthralled by
      > the prospect.
      > Now, I've no idea how to approach this. The sensible thing would,
      > naturally, be to ignore it and get on with my life. But given that
      > the reviews on ff.n are there for all to see, I feel distinctly
      > uncomfortable with the idea of somebody spouting homophobia in the
      > guise of complimenting me.
      > (Oh, one possibility that has occurred to me is that said reviewer
      > didn't actually read my stories, but instead fired off three quick
      > reviews in an attempt to get me to read his story in return)
      > It's interesting though... rather than getting flamed for my work, I
      > just seem to attract nutters. I wonder how this compares to the
      > experiences of other writers on this list...
      > dooky
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