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15289Re: More on Utena the Movie

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  • anthyroserain
    Jun 1, 2004
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      > - Both Anthy and Akio had red markings on their forehead
      > of spiritual or religious markings/designations. Was this to make
      > clearer that these two were "Other" or Witches? Or just the fancy
      > our illustrious Utena anime director Ikuhara.

      Didn't Ikuhara say something in one of those commentaries about
      getting the idea from Chiho Saito's drawings, which featured people
      with similar markings? So I guess that's why he put them in. But why
      she did it in the first place is anybody's guess.

      > Anthy chose
      > Utena? Anthy called her to the first duel? I dont recall that being
      > the impetus for dueling in the series. I thought it was
      > seeing Anthy be battered around by Saionji and disliking that on
      > principle?

      I may be totally misreading the movie/series, but I think that,
      regardless of the circumstances of the first duel, the idea that
      Anthy "chose" Utena is used to emphasize the fact that Anthy must
      ultimately bring about her own freedom. For the revolution to occur,
      she cannot be passive; she has to decide that Utena is the one she
      wants to escape with. If Anthy had been indifferent about her own
      (for lack of a better word) salvation, she could never have left
      Ohtori. I think the idea of Anthy choosing Utena among the duelists
      is used to emphasize this... and of course, that's why Anthy's the
      one driving at the end. (I also think Akio is already dead in the
      movie for this reason: the filmmakers wanted to make it clear that
      Utena and Anthy are the creators of their own destinies, not pawns in
      Akio's game.)

      And of course, more literalness with them kissing again at
      > the close. There really was no room for doubt about the nature of
      > their relationship in the movie. Whereas in the series - squeamish
      > folks might have been able to see them as friends to the end.
      > Especially since Utena in the series has the conversation with Juri
      > drawing a distinction between Juri's kind of feelings for Shiori,
      > her own for Anthy. Using the word Pure and such.

      i really don't understand why they put in that conversation (in the
      series). Not sure if it was an "eww yuri" reaction, or Utena in
      denial, or something else.
      I think the ending is used to make the show's feminist ideas more
      obvious, since the series is more easily misunderstood. (I remember
      reading some review in which the reviewer said how sad it was that
      Utena didn't get her prince at the end of the series, because she
      deserved a happy ending. I really hope that guy wasn't serious.)

      > so am i supposed to see this
      > final imagery as a phallic like object either penetrating or
      > extruding itself from a vaginal like concourse enroute to
      > Escape? Were Utena and Anthy trapped in some archetypal Womb?
      > a less than nurturing one?

      Wow. I would like to hear more thoughts about this, though I
      don't think I can add much to the conversation, Freudian imagery
      creeps me out. (And in a show like Utena, with roses and swords all
      over the place, where do you stop?)

      who must reply to every! single! Utena! post! just because
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