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  • donnaneely
    Jun 1, 2004
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      Funny this subject should come up......I happened to watch the movie
      this weekend also. I was noticing the following - and would love
      comments or corrections from my more-knowledgeable-about-Utena

      - Both Anthy and Akio had red markings on their forehead reminiscent
      of spiritual or religious markings/designations. Was this to make
      clearer that these two were "Other" or Witches? Or just the fancy of
      our illustrious Utena anime director Ikuhara.

      - I again, against all advice, listened to the commentary from the
      director. But I was oh so amused this time. He actually discussed
      having Anthy kiss Utena during the first duel. How there was a major
      debate amongst the creative staff on that action. Many felt they
      shouldn't since they never had in the TV series. Ikuhara concluded by
      saying " We put it in because....well...I WANTED them to
      kiss." ....... And am I, the viewer, ever glad for that! Why

      - it seemed there was at least one more moment or two of much more
      literal presentation/explanation going on here in the movie then the
      series. One being of course the kiss during the first duel. But most
      of all for me, the speechifying by both Utena and Anthy as they are
      speeding along on the remains of the car at the end. Anthy chose
      Utena? Anthy called her to the first duel? I dont recall that being
      the impetus for dueling in the series. I thought it was
      seeing Anthy be battered around by Saionji and disliking that on
      principle? And of course, more literalness with them kissing again at
      the close. There really was no room for doubt about the nature of
      their relationship in the movie. Whereas in the series - squeamish
      folks might have been able to see them as friends to the end.
      Especially since Utena in the series has the conversation with Juri
      drawing a distinction between Juri's kind of feelings for Shiori, and
      her own for Anthy. Using the word Pure and such.

      - as for the Yoni imagery, mentioned by Jen/others, when they find
      Akio's body, and the Phallic car......if you want to take the
      symbolism a bit further....in the climatic scene of escape, just as
      the Prince/Akio is trying to make a final halt to their
      escape, I could have sworn the links of tread in the rotating tracks
      squeezing the Utena-mobile took a markedly different shape. To include
      protruding edges that were to me very reminiscent of razor blade
      edges. The old vagina detenta caraciture came to mind.

      - This leads to my final query/comment, so am i supposed to see this
      final imagery as a phallic like object either penetrating or
      extruding itself from a vaginal like concourse enroute to
      Escape? Were Utena and Anthy trapped in some archetypal Womb? Albeit
      a less than nurturing one?

      still working on gaining my Utena mojo.....donnaneely
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