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15038Re: Off anf on-topic at the same time! A must-see movie

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  • donnaneely
    May 3, 2004
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      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, "atheniag" <anilesbocon01@h...> wrote:
      > --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, "donnaneely" <donnaneely@y...> > >
      on each other throughout. (Potential viewers be warned - there is a
      > > very tedious sidestory about the eldest sister and her boyfriend.)

      > I'd agree about the tension - it really begins, IMHO, with the
      >music store scene.

      > But I liked the boyfriend and was kinda sad for him. :-)

      well i have misrepresented a bit i suspect.....i personally thought
      the boyfriend was as attractive as the girls and a sweet wonderful
      guy. !i! wanted to date him even! what bugged me is how much time
      they spent on it and how it was out of synch with the rest of the
      pacing and storyline in my view. it was like dropping in bits of some
      other movie, a romance, into this action pic.

      nuff said, regards, donnaneely
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