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  • Andy00@aol.com
    Apr 27, 2004
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      Second season of Jubei-chan.  

      Jiyu Nanohana
      Freasha Yagyuu   (Felicia?   Freesia?  This is one of those "God only knows" Japanese spellings of a foreign name.)

      Spoilers for all of second season. 

      Jiyu is the inheritor of the "Lovely Eyepatch" (in the shape of a heart)  Wearing it, she dons the power and some of the personality of the legendary swordsman "Jubei Yagyuu" from 300 years in the past.  However, despite his having been a hero, the Yagyuu clan decimated a lot of other clans in order to be superior in Japan.   Their remnants (both descendants and even the the spirits of the dead) are overcome by a supernatural hatred of him.  They attack "Jubei-chan" as his second coming.

      Fun fact.  The word "Jiyu" can mean "Freedom from obsession" and that's very relevant.  Jiyu is able to turn Jubei Yagyuu's swordmanship into a technique that doesn't kill people, but rather releases them from their hatred.

      At one point 300 years ago, the original Jubei tried to escape his own family.  Under the pretext of supposedly going to Siberia to assassinate the survivors of a splinter-branch of the Yagyuu family (The Northern Yagyuu) he instead settled down and married a Siberian tribeswoman, and had a daughter, named Freasha.

      The Siberian Yagyuu branch, however, misunderstood his intentions and counterattacked (hence the name of the second season) and the result was Freasha was frozen in ice for 300 years.  

      After dethawing, Freasha was raised to a teenager by Forest Spirits, and through them learned that someone else had taken Jubei Yagyuu's name and legacy.   Creating an Eyepatch of her own (in the shape of a Spade) she infilterates Jiyu's home.   She befriends (to the point of nearly seducing) Jiyu to get her to drop her guard,  and while in her warrior form, attacks Jubei-chan whenever she can.

      But her befriending of Jiyu goes too well, and Jiyu returns the affection, to Freasha's confusion.  (She's been alone for a long time.) 

      It's fun to note that EVERYONE tends to fall in love with Jiyu, friend and enemy, but Jiyu NEVER seemed to notice this before.  In contrast, she's rather aware of Freasha's apparent feelings, though.  (Freasha is not subtle. <g>)

      Through the course of a lot of pain, tears and freaking awesome battles, she's eventually overcome by Jiyu's heart, and surrenders her grudge.   Jiyu forgives her in an embrace.  (While their background song uses "Aishiteru" to define their feelings for each other.)

      Oh yeah...and some other stuff happens with the remnants of the Siberian Yagyuus, who wanted revenge on both of them. <g>  

      By the end of the second season, Freasha is apparently living with Jiyu's family.  (Jiyu's father invited her, and we last see her visiting her father's grave in Jiyu's town, and she's wearing Jiyu's school uniform.)

      P.S.  It's almost TOO easy to pair them. <g>   Jiyu has a "Heat Affinity" that results in her getting a supernatural fever, especially if she transforms for too long.   It cannot be cured through normal means, apparently only negative body tempature can break it.   In the first season, her father had to ice down his own body and hold her.  (Which resulted in him getting sick.) 

      She seems to have inherited this from her mother, who died from such a fever.  (Both Jiyu and Freasha have non-Eyepatch powers that neither season explains.)

      Freasha, on the other hand, has an Cold Affinity.  She's not affected by it physically, but she can "suck away" Jiyu's fever, in her own words, by snuggling up to her.   This is also how she probably survived being frozen in ice for 300 years.

      It's likely the Cold Affinity did have an effect on her personality, though, and somewhat explains her actions throughout second season.  Jiyu's embrace at the end of the season melts it, which changes her Warrior form uniform from blue-grey to golden.

      Whether or not they have to wear their Eyepatches again, Jiyu's fever might be a problem (the way it was for her mother.)   Guess Freasha will have to frequently snuggle her to make sure.  Darn. <g>

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