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1490Re: [Yuricon] Learning Manga from a Kat

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  • Johann Chua
    Nov 30, 2001
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      Kat wrote:

      >Something to be understood before starting this. I don't do things like
      >normal. In fact as far as I know noone puts together Manga quite in the way
      >I do which is one of the reasons I've been asked to teach my way at so many
      >cons and now University. My way is different in the fact that I draw ever
      >indavidul panel seperatly.

      Sounds like how Connie Willis never has complete initial drafts--just a whole
      bunch of passages and notes that she pieces together into the final draft.
      I usually hear of artists doing layouts or thumbnails before the full-size
      art, sometimes involving a light-box for tracing the enlarged layouts.

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