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14606Seiyuu and a cute discovery (was Re: Rumor mill)

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  • barahime@yahoo.com
    Apr 3, 2004
      > > --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, "atua101"

      > Shiori's voice actress once confirmed in her blog
      > that Shiori would
      > make an appearance in episodes 10 and 11, only to
      > change that entry
      > hours later.

      Out of curiosity, who is Shiori's seiyuu (and the
      seiyuu for Shizuka and Mifuyu, for that matter)? I
      haven't been able to find the information anywhere,
      and the seiyuu fangirl in me is crying out to know!

      Speaking of which, here's something I found while
      searching for said information that I thought I'd
      share: Marimite window sitters! These are, for those
      that don't know, cute little animated figures that
      'sit' on the topmost open window you have on your
      computer, so you can watch Sei blow kisses or Yumi
      make funny faces while you work. There are ten of
      them, all the Roses and their soeurs plus Tsutako
      Shizuka, and they're at

      *keeping her fingers crossed for a second season*

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