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14581Fic: Slayers Mirror

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  • Shannon J. L.
    Apr 1, 2004
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      Someone mentioned it was quiet, so... random fic!

      Part One: http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=1589038

      Slayers: Mirror Six

      Later that evening Lina poked at the fire with a stick, the
      shadows of twilight settling down around the three of them in their
      small camp. They had set up not too far from the now deserted bandit
      camp, the hidden valley razed by a well placed Dragon Slave.

      Her hair was almost same color as the flames Lina tended as
      she looked over at Naga, "You don't remember?"

      Naga shook her head firmly, the black haired warrior woman
      carefully sharpening the great sword that she usually carried over
      her back. "I'm sorry Lady Amelia," the leather clad warrior gently
      said to the young woman who was sitting on the other side of the
      fire, "but I don't have any memories, not past a certain point."

      "There is a resemblance there," Lina noted, looking between
      both women.

      "Indeed," Amelia softly agreed, her short black hair glowing
      in the firelight. Her white garb shimmered in the light as she
      looked at Naga, "My elder sister has been missing for many years, I
      had hoped that you...."

      "Even if I was," Naga said to her gently, "I am but a
      mystically produced copy of the woman. You would still need to seek
      out the original."

      "And no," Lina swiftly anticipated the question as Amelia
      looked at her curiously, "I don't know where the original Naga is."

      Amelia nodded with a soft sigh. She hesitated but
      asked, "May I ask what caused you two to stop being partners?"

      "We were rivals right from the beginning," Lina lay back,
      looking up at the starry sky, "and that was what ultimately broke up
      the partnership. I walked away after we fought over a bounty we had
      won and I haven't seen her since."

      Naga slid her sword away with barely a whisper, setting the
      great weapon aside but still easily within reach. "What are you
      going to do now?" she asked.

      "I'm not sure," Amelia said. "I know I need to let my father
      know about this," she reflected then lit up, "I know! Lina, Naga,
      would you care to accompany me back to Saillune?"

      Lina sat up again, looking over at Amelia curiously as she
      drawled, "And why would we want to go see Phil?"

      "My father could identify if Naga is my sister better than I
      could," Amelia said eagerly, "and with your Naga's help we could try
      a similarity spell."

      Naga nodded thoughtfully at that, "Use me as a template and
      then look for anything similar. My different personality shouldn't
      create too many problems." She looked over at Lina before saying
      with a smile, "I'm willing."

      Amelia hid a smile as she added, "I'm sure my father would
      be willing to compensate you for your time and trouble."

      "Why didn't you say so," Lina smiled back impishly.

      Naga rolled her eyes at that comment. Lina curled up,
      falling asleep not far from where the two women sat talking. They
      fell silent for a moment, Naga looking over at Amelia and studying
      the younger woman thoughtfully.

      "What?" Amelia asked softly.

      "What was your sister's name?" Naga asked her curiously.

      "Gracia el Naga Saillune," Amelia said simply.

      Naga's lips moved as she repeated the name to herself
      softly, getting the feel of it. "Gracia," she murmured to herself
      softly, "I don't know if that's quite my style."

      "You didn't use it much," Amelia said, "you prefered the
      middle name."

      Naga looked up at her calmly, "Don't make too many
      assumptions. You yourself haven't recognized me as your sister."

      "Fair enough," Amelia agreed, "but...."

      "You want that hole in your history," Naga mused as she
      looking into the fire, "that piece ofd your past restored."

      "Exactly," Amelia nodded. "With all that my family has been
      through over the years," she said, "it would bring my father great
      happiness if my sister could be restored."

      "And I'll do whatever I can to help," Naga promised
      warmly, "as long as I'm not seperated from Lina-san,"

      Amelia blinked, looking at the sleeping figure then at Naga
      in confusion. "You and she...?" she said faintly.

      "No," Naga shook her head firmly, an oddly sad little smile
      on her face,"but I gave my work to accompany her."

      "I would never see another forsworn," Amelia agreed, still
      studdying Naga thoughtfully.

      Naga looked away, a bit of a blush to her cheeks. "We'd best
      get some sleep," she said, "it's going to be a long day tomorrow."

      "Of course," Amelia agreed and they settled down to sleep.

      Lina snuggled into the warmth, sleepily wondering if the
      fire was still going. 'No,' she mused, 'Naga and Amelia wouldn't
      have let it keep burning.' She opened her eyes a bit, peering
      sleepily, then her eyes popped open wide.

      Naga's face was peaceful, her short dark hair framing her
      handsome face. Her breasts were pressed against Lina's front, rising
      gently with her breath. Lina turned a bit, blinking, and saw Amelia
      snuggled up against her back, her child-like face sweetly innocent.

      'They really do look alike,' was the odd thought that ran
      through Lina's mind.

      With some effort the slim redhead slipped out of both
      women's grasp, watching as they fidgeted a moment before settling
      back to sleep. Cheeks red Lina walked off into the woods, gathering
      more firewood and trying to recover her composure.

      'I don't go that way,' Lina thought as she walked back
      towards the camp. Still, laying there with Naga, it had been oddly
      exciting to her. Looking at Naga's sleeping face she had been
      tempted to press forward, to kiss her just once.

      "Lina," Amelia was stretching out, her black hair messy from
      sleep, "you're up early."

      "Something woke me up," Lina said dryly, dropping the lumber
      by the fire. She frowned, noticing Naga was gone.

      "Lady Naga left to wash up at the stream," Amelia informed
      her pleasantly. She began rooting through their packs, "Do you want
      me to make some breakfast? I'm sure I saw a bag of nutritious
      porridge in here somewhere...."

      "Thanks," Lina stacked the wood in the fire pit, igniting it
      with a casually tossed fireball. "Be right back," Lina waved as she
      headed towards the stream.

      The sounds of rushing water grew louder as Lina approached
      the stream. She broke through the trees and brush, stopping cold in
      honest surprise. Naga was standing out in the stream, her clothes in
      a pile on the bank. Her back was pale but muscular, matching
      glimpses of her arms Lina had seen. Her waist was slim but healthy,
      and the bottom that faced Lina was probably one of the best that the
      world had ever seen.

      "Naga?" Lina croaked out. She cleared her throat, then
      repeated in a bit louder.

      Naga turned slightly, covering her breasts with one hand,
      reaching down to shield her lower parts with the other. "Yes Lina?"
      she asked.

      Lina turned, quickly, her cheeks beet red. It wasn't the
      nakedness that was the problem, it had been the cool, assessing gaze
      the warrior laid on her. "Amelia's starting breakfast," she managed.

      There was the sound of movement in the water, then rustling
      as clothes were pulled on quickly. "I'm sorry," Naga put her hand on
      Lina's shoulder, "I thought I'd be done before anyone came looking
      for me."

      Lina met her gaze, glad to see that Naga was fully
      dressed. "I didn't mean to disturb you," Lina managed.

      "It's all right," Naga reassured her, running a hand through
      her wet hair. She looked Lina over, "Do you want me to stand watch
      while you bathe?"

      "Maybe next time," Lina murmured, moving to head back to

      To be continued...
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