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  • what is a dooky
    Mar 2, 2004
      > >SM Super S - pegasus collection vol. 1-7
      > Avoid like the disease it is.

      Am I the only one who actually likes this series? Admittedly the
      absence of the Outers is annoying, and the whole Pegasus thing is...
      well, yeah... but it has the best villains of any season: the
      brilliantly unhinged Amazoness Quartet, not to mention Fisheye ^_^
      Well, perhaps they're not quite as good as the Stars villains. And
      now that I think about it, some of the S villains were pretty good.
      But anyway, R sucks more ^_^

      Just recently finished watching R the whole way through, and I was
      massively disappointed. Not only is it the only series with no yuri
      or yaoi at all, the Black Moon Clan frankly made Jadeite look
      interesting. Plus there's that whole Moonlight Knight business.
      Mamoru has never sucked more.

      Oh, but anyway... it's all Sailor Moon, so it's all good. Buy it all.
      No, don't, that's silly. I'm trying to at the moment and it's a fast
      track to bankruptcy.


      PS- Objects on The List may appear to contain more yuri than they
      actually do... If you want utterly unequivocal yuri, you should
      definitely go for S ^_~
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