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14188RE: [Yuricon] Marimite Sei/Shimako

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  • Erica Friedman
    Mar 1, 2004
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      >From: "devil_urd" <dayarasilva@...>
      >What does she wants from her bouton? What exactly
      >is the relantionship those two have??

      I think this was on the yuri ML - they don't really want anything from each
      other, except that they respect each other, because they are so similar.
      Neither of them like to get too close to anyone. By being soeur, they can
      stay self-reliant, bolster each other's self-reliance, and not have to fend
      off adavances by clingy, needy girls who will ask too much from them.

      I think that that is why Shimako was unsure of whether to give the chocolate
      to ei - she might appear to be violating that unspoken contract between

      >***crazy thought*** ***don't read if u don't wanna stay mentally
      >disturbed*** Rosa Foetida and Rosa Chinensis appear very little in
      >the serie... could it be that Youko and Eriko have more important
      >things to do with each other than show their pretty faces to us??

      LOL While I doubt it myself, I'm sure some fan artists has already thought
      of it! :-)



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