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14187Marimite Sei/Shimako

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  • devil_urd
    Mar 1 9:34 AM
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      > >From: Jenny Chan <jen-chan@s...>
      > >Reply-To: Yuricon@yahoogroups.com
      > >Which is kinda ironic, considering Sachiko's earlier comments
      about how
      > >they
      > >have to 'make Rosa Gigantea do Onee-sama-like things every once in
      > >while.'
      > Yeah, but the relationship Sei and Shimako have is
      > the other soeur relationships.

      Okay... so Sei and shimako do have a "different" relantionship than
      the the other souers relantioships. But still, what is going on
      between those two? I got the feeling that Shimako is in love with
      Rosa Gigantea back in eps. 6, and now, in eps. 8, i got this feeling
      again. So, i think Shimako loves Sei in a certain way, but Sei seems
      to want that shimako admits it to her or something like that. sei is
      always sayig she won't do anything towards shimako 'cause Shimako
      never _asked_ her. What does she wants from her bouton? What exactly
      is the relantionship those two have??

      ***crazy thought*** ***don't read if u don't wanna stay mentally
      disturbed*** Rosa Foetida and Rosa Chinensis appear very little in
      the serie... could it be that Youko and Eriko have more important
      things to do with each other than show their pretty faces to us??

      *** faints from the thought of YoukoxErika***

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