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  • annie
    Mar 1, 2004
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      You didn't mention which IM you use. In AIM it's easy. (I have
      version 5.1 and I also use DeadAIM to get rid of AOL ads :-)

      This is what you do:

      1) Press the F3 key to view the AIM Preferences window. (You can also
      get to Preferences through My AIM menu, Edit Options, Preferences...)

      2) Click on Privacy (category on the left).
      3) In "Who can contact me", choose "Allow only the users below."
      4) Add *all your buddies nick names* to the list of users allowed to
      contact you. (The "Allow List".)
      5) Clock OK

      One more thing: In Edit Profile, don't allow people to search for
      Only the users you've listed in that "Allow List" will be able to see
      you on-line.
      I hope this helps.


      At 04:09 PM 2/29/2004 -0800, you wrote:

      A person who I thought was my friend has now started an anti-gay
      tirade and has brought his friends into the mix sending hateful
      messages to my live journal and over instant messages. This tirade is
      going on three days now, I block them but of course, they get new
      names and the messages don't end on homosexuality, it continues to
      hateful messages for me being from a single parent home and therefor
      an abomination, they go on to say that so are test tube babies, gay
      parents shouldn't be able to raise kids,etc.,etc. And they proceed to
      make racist remarks about me being part Native American, etc. I have
      blocked them, but of course, they go and get new names. Under normal
      circumstances, I can just brush things off, but the continuous
      bashing is really starting to get to me. It is getting to the point
      that I don't even want to get online anymore. I have saved all the
      messages and lj logs. Any advice would be grately appreciated as I
      have never really had to deal with this kind of problem before, even
      though I am originally from the conservative south. I can show anyone
      who is interested the files.


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