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  • shenotski
    Mar 1, 2004
      LEt me say that that's all bullshit. Reminds me of Sailor Jamboree
      and a majority of the anime cosplay scene. There's a big difference
      between being purposfuly rude and unintentionally the 2nd I imagine
      and know that i must do ever so often, so is some peoples lots in
      life. I know what your going through.

      What these people are, are bullies. Confront them head on without
      any sighn (Put on the warriors armor for the love of god) and bring
      it to them. If they threaten you then you with pysical voilence you
      can report them to the autorities. They lose ether way. Besides most
      people that would do such things are cowards.

      FUCK stupid shit like this. Let me help you with these assholes.

      You are a very Good person. I know that because you let me stay with
      you guys durring yuricon and even though i was jet lagged/ after
      finals out of my mind you were nice to me despite what i can gander
      from my memory rude behavoir. Thank you for that.

      Isaac Fischer
      > Under normal circumstances, I can just brush things off, but the
      continuous bashing is really starting to get to me. It is getting to
      the point that I don't even want to get online anymore. I have saved
      all the messages and lj logs. Any advice would be grately appreciated
      as I have never really had to deal with this kind of problem
      > before, even though I am originally from the conservative south. I
      can show anyone who is interested the files.
      > ~Renee
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