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14177Re: [Yuricon] Re: Synopsis of Marimite ep 8

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  • Jenny Chan
    Feb 29, 2004
      Yay! I can finally read this thread now! Gosh, the temptation's been really
      tough the last few days. -_-

      > >Sachiko and Yumi seem more like an actual couple than Souer pair to
      > >me. I think Sei is the one who is actually the closest to being
      > >Yumi's Onee-sama.
      > Totally.

      Which is kinda ironic, considering Sachiko's earlier comments about how they
      have to 'make Rosa Gigantea do Onee-sama-like things every once in a while.'

      > >I thought Sei would be the one to find Shimako's card. I guess I
      > >underestimated Shizuka's obsession towards the White Rose family.
      > >Good drama potential here. Go!! Rosa Canina!!
      > I thought it was a bit of a wank for us,(I mean, aren't there any *other*
      > students in this school who have a brain cell?) but was happy for her.
      > >
      > >Yoshino continues with her cute berserker routine. I wonder if she'll
      > >hold a grudge towards Chisato.
      > Nah - she'll project it onto Rei. LOL

      I might've already shared this link, but there's (really) cute (really)
      berserker Yoshino fanart here: http://mekimeki.hacca.jp/

      > >Minako announces the rules and whatnot of the treasure hunt (there are
      > >the 3 colored cards, they have one hour, etc.), then tells the boutons'
      > >petite soeurs that they have a 5-minute handicap. They wait out their
      > >handicap in the Rose Mansion along with Eriko (Rosa Foetida) and Sei
      > >(can't remember if Youko was there or not -_-),
      > Nope.

      I understand that there will be more Sei-backstory in later episodes; does
      anyone know if there will be episodes featuring more of Youko? Or any
      backstory at all, for that matter? She's very charming...

      > As a complete aside, is anyone else disturbed by the almost total lack of
      > teachers in this school? We saw one, once in the beginning (and she was a
      > jerk.) Makes me wonder how they get from place to place - are there
      > "teacher-only" tunnels under the school, so they don't have to mix with
      > girls on the paths above? LOL
      > Cheers,
      > Erica

      Was she really so rude? I just remember her walking past Sachiko and Yumi,
      smiling, and asking if the rumours were true...

      > I wonder if the teachers are all females ^-^
      > I'd think so (yay no silly guys to crush on or ruin the beautiful
      > shoujo ai)
      > Mona

      ^_^ What if they were all nuns (hmm... is Lillian's a Catholic Girl's
      school, or just a girl's school)?

      And, does anyone know if the original novels are very hard to read (furigana
      with the kanji)?

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