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14158RE: [Yuricon] Re: Synopsis of Marimite ep 8

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  • Erica Friedman
    Feb 27, 2004
      >From: "mellowrg" <cyfith@...>

      >Sachiko and Yumi seem more like an actual couple than Souer pair to
      >me. I think Sei is the one who is actually the closest to being
      >Yumi's Onee-sama.


      >I thought Sei would be the one to find Shimako's card. I guess I
      >underestimated Shizuka's obsession towards the White Rose family.
      >Good drama potential here. Go!! Rosa Canina!!

      I thought it was a bit of a wank for us,(I mean, aren't there any *other*
      students in this school who have a brain cell?) but was happy for her. LOL
      >Yoshino continues with her cute berserker routine. I wonder if she'll
      >hold a grudge towards Chisato.

      Nah - she'll project it onto Rei. LOL

      >Next episode: Sachiko's secret stalker. Will she be another Rosa
      >Canina? Or will she fade into the background over time? I'm guessing
      >the latter.

      I'll take bets for another Rosa Canina. :) We've already seen that they
      can't throw away a cgharacter once she's introduced.

      As a complete aside, is anyone else disturbed by the almost total lack of
      teachers in this school? We saw one, once in the beginning (and she was a
      jerk.) Makes me wonder how they get from place to place - are there
      "teacher-only" tunnels under the school, so they don't have to mix with the
      girls on the paths above? LOL



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