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14157Re: Synopsis of Marimite ep 8

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  • mellowrg
    Feb 27, 2004
      Good episode, but I hope they correct the animation for the DVD
      releases. Some of the artwork seemed rushed and ugly.

      Sachiko and Yumi seem more like an actual couple than Souer pair to
      me. I think Sei is the one who is actually the closest to being
      Yumi's Onee-sama.

      I thought Sei would be the one to find Shimako's card. I guess I
      underestimated Shizuka's obsession towards the White Rose family.
      Good drama potential here. Go!! Rosa Canina!!

      Yoshino continues with her cute berserker routine. I wonder if she'll
      hold a grudge towards Chisato.

      Next episode: Sachiko's secret stalker. Will she be another Rosa
      Canina? Or will she fade into the background over time? I'm guessing
      the latter.
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