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14155Synopsis of Marimite ep 8

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  • Erin Subramanian
    Feb 27, 2004
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      Here's the synopsis of Marimite ep 8 that I posted on shoujoai.com . . .
      just thought some people here might be interested in reading it. :)

      Spoiler space
      This is all off the top of my head so hopefully I will get everything in
      the right order and not leave anything out. ^^
      This episode begins right where the last episode leaves off, with Yumi
      crying after Sachiko confronts her. Sachiko gets upset that Yumi is
      crying when she (Sachiko) is the one who should be upset (well, in her
      way of seeing it, anyway ;)). Sachiko then says that they will talk
      about it later when they've both calmed down a little. Then, Rei and
      Minako (the girl from the Newspaper Club) come in. They see that Yumi is
      crying and ask what's wrong, and Sachiko gets offended and thinks they
      are blaming her for what has happened. They are there for a meeting
      about the Treasure Hunt, so Yumi wipes away her tears, says nothing is
      wrong, and leaves. She goes to the greenhouse and looks at the Rosa
      chinensis bush...
      Then, there is a knock on the door. It's Sei! :) Sei comes in and talks
      with Yumi about the situation. She tells Yumi that Sachiko went through
      something similar with Youko (the current Rosa Chinensis) when she was a
      first-year. Apparently Sachiko was trained to never say her opinion
      about anything, and Youko finally got so frustrated by it that she told
      Sachiko to speak up if there was something she wanted to say. So,
      Sachiko was able to gradually get over that habit, although I think
      she's not over it completely (I'm sure we could debate that... ;)). Yumi
      feels better after Sei tells her this, and they get up to leave (Sei
      says she wants to get out of there because she doesn't like the
      greenhouse). Yumi then gets upset because she won't have anyone to help
      her like this when Sei graduates. Sei tells her that if she can learn to
      speak her mind to Sachiko, she'll be able to handle anything, and tells
      her to make up with Sachiko as "homework."
      The next day (?), Yumi goes to the Rose Mansion and sees Shimako come
      out of the back room on the first floor, looking a little flustered and
      embarassed. She concludes that Shimako must have hidden her card there.
      She then goes upstairs to find Yoshino and Rei arguing because Yoshino
      wants a hint about Rei's card is (or at least to have Rei listen to her
      guesses). Rei asks Yumi to take Yoshino away, and Yoshino plans to leave
      with Yumi. But first, Yumi apologizes to Sachiko, and asks if they can
      talk later. They agree to meet in the greenhouse after the treasure hunt
      is over.
      Minako announces the rules and whatnot of the treasure hunt (there are
      the 3 colored cards, they have one hour, etc.), then tells the boutons'
      petite soeurs that they have a 5-minute handicap. They wait out their
      handicap in the Rose Mansion along with Eriko (Rosa Foetida) and Sei
      (can't remember if Youko was there or not -_-), who are also
      participating. When they are allowed to start, Yumi stares at the door
      where she thinks Shimako hid the chocolate, and so Sei gets the idea
      that "something nice" is in that room and goes to look there. Yoshino
      sets off on her own, as does Yumi. However, Yumi soon finds that she is
      not alone... she is being tailed by a group of Sachiko's fans, who think
      she must know where the card is. She runs away from them (in a VERY cute
      scene), and escapes them by climbing through a window (?).
      By that time, she only has 15 minutes left. She tries to think of where
      she would have hidden the card if it had been her hiding it, and thinks
      of the greehouse. However, when she gets there, there is another girl
      there, and no card in sight. She sees a pile of dirt next to the Rosa
      chinensis plant and digs in there, but there is nothing there, and the
      other girl tells Yumi that she already looked there and there was
      nothing there.
      The end of the treasure hunt is announced and everyone assembles in the
      courtyard. Only two out of the three cards have been found. The first
      one announced is the white card, which was found by Shizuka (Rosa
      Canina) on Shimako's committee (which apparently has something to do
      with environmental maintenance or something? It's not mentioned in this
      episode but apparently is mentioned at some point in the novels)'s
      bulletin board. The second one announced is the yellow card, which was
      found by some random first-year whose name I already forgot. ^^ The girl
      says that she found it in the library, and Yoshino gets mad and tells
      Yumi that the library was the first place she looked (in the novels, it
      says that she checked in the sort of books that Rei likes, but some of
      Rei's fans, after reading the misleading info about Rei's favorite book
      in the Lillian newspaper, checked in action books and found it in one of
      those). Then it is announced that the red card was not found, and Minako
      asks Sachiko where it was hidden. Sachiko suggests that they all go to
      retrieve it.
      And, surprise surprise, they go to the greenhouse. Yumi steps forward
      and tells Sachiko that she looked there, and that she dug next to the
      Rosa chinensis bush. Sachiko is surprised, and digs in the same spot and
      finds the card. Yumi is, needless to say, upset about it and asserts
      that she did in fact look there. Sachiko believes her, in part because
      the card was deeper than she had originally buried it. Sachiko suggests
      they think of it as a prank played on them by St. Valentine.
      Back at the Rose Mansion, Sei says she wants to thank Yumi for the
      chocolate and Yumi pulls out the nasty batch of chocolates that she made
      (in the Valentine's Day special manga, we see more about this; she adds
      some rather unusual ingredients and only ends up with a good batch when
      her brother helps her; Lili will be releasing a scanlation of the
      Valentine's Day special soon) to give to her. Sei is surprised because
      she thought that the marble cake she found in the back room was from
      Yumi. The cake was really made by Shimako, who put it there because she
      was still unsure whether or not to give it to Sei. Yumi thinks that this
      is another prank of St. Valentine's.
      Yumi goes upstairs to talk to Sachiko. Sachiko tells Yumi that she was
      upset because when she was a first-year, Youko could read her like a
      book, and she doesn't have the same ability with Yumi. Yumi then tells
      Sachiko that the reason she was sneaking around was that she wanted to
      give Sachiko chocolates. She also says that she knows that Sachiko
      doesn't like Valentine's chocolates, but Sachiko explains that what she
      doesn't like is that the first-years use her to indulge their desire to
      give chocolates to someone. She says that she would be happy to accept
      chocolate from Yumi. :D Yumi pulls out the chocolates to give to Sachiko
      and then, as Sachiko reaches out to take them, realizes that it's the
      wrong box (it's the nasty chocolates she was going to give to Sei as a
      prank)! She tries to get Sachiko to let go, but Sachiko won't. She pulls
      the other box out of the bag and tries to give it to her, but that
      doesn't work either. After a few more seconds of them both pulling on
      the box, both boxes go flying. Both boxes end up missing one chocolate,
      and so when Sachiko picks one up and eats it Yumi is worried that she
      got a "bad" one. But, Sachiko tells her that she got a "good" one and
      asks what reward she gets for picking the right one in the "bikkuri
      chocolate" game ("bikkuri" in this case means "surprising"). Yumi tells
      her that she won a half-day date with her (the prizes for the bouton
      treasure hunt game were half-day dates with the boutons). Then, the
      camera pans over and we see a chocolate sitting in the lid of the "good"
      box, which is presumably a "good" chocolate.

      If anyone has any corrections or comments please let me know! :)
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