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  • atheniag
    Feb 3, 2004
      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, "Sean Gaffney" <sean@c...> wrote:

      > 2) School story. Some bondage, some boob grabbing, lotsa angst.

      This is actually the best of the bunch, by Morinaga Milk (the same
      team that gave us "But We're Not Friends" from YS1.) The title is Kiss
      and Love and the Prince. Other than Stawberry Shake, it's the best
      story. (As was MM's first story.)

      The story takes place in te same school that "But We're Not Friends"
      took place in. "Kiss" is about two girls who are practicing for a
      play. The girl who is playing the princess, Narumi, doesn't really
      understand that Princess' feeling, so Tachibana-sempai, the girl
      playing the Prince ties Narumi's hands behind her back, like the
      Princess in the play. Caught up in the moment, the Prince kisses the

      There's a little angst, but mostly it's because Narumi actually
      *likes* Tachibana. When Tachibana tried to apologize for her behavior,
      she realizes that she did what she did because she likes Narumi. Ahah!

      So, they live happily every after, and Nana and Hitomi from "But We're
      Not Friends" make a cameo. :-)

      > 4) Strawberry Shake, which is far more interesting than 90% of the
      > other stories, mostly as it's not in a school, and the lead girl is
      > certifiably nuts. I am so pleased we're getting more of this. Best
      > of the volume.

      They aren't schoolgirls (although Julia plays one on TV...literally)
      but they are still 16. Julia's much like Tachibana in the above story
      - she knows what she wants...but in her case, her manager is trying to
      avoid a scandal between her and Ran.

      Your synopses bring up several points - 1) Anything can sound
      perverted when you describe it...and 2) YS isn't REALLY written for
      middle-school age audience at all.

      1) I say this because despite your description, Yuri Shimai is full of
      nothing more than a few kisses and that irritating convention, the
      chest grab. Mostly it's lingerng looks and confessions of love with no
      follow up.

      2) There's no furigana, which makes reading this a little more
      time-consuming for me than genuinely teen-oriented manga.


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