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13799Re: Three quickies

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  • runaway_donkey
    Feb 1, 2004
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      >Very intruiging...what were they talking about?

      well, you probably didnt miss much, but the gist of it was that
      police's long time dream was to propose to kate by his 30th
      birthday, which, you guessed it, was that day.

      > this series because its silly and kind of fun, not becaue it has
      > great merit. I was also thinkng that, now that Layla's not
      > there's not a whole lot o' yuri...since the second 13 episodes was
      > more about her and Sora than anything.

      yeah, its starting to wear on me too, but at least this episode was
      low on the leon angst. though it is mildly amusing to watch layla
      and her friend from broadway torture may.

      > Well, at the climax of Ep. 43, there is a sweet romantic scene

      yeah, that was a cute moment all around. sappy, but cute.

      who should really find out when all the actual yuri themed shows are
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