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13144Re: [Yuricon] Re: Live in Japan?

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  • KathrynDarkStar@aol.com
    Dec 5, 2003
      whee! Erica responded! -=hearts float around head=-

      Random person:
      -=comes up and slaps Kitty-kat=-

      x.x;; um..sorry about that. Anyway, yeah, it hadn't occurred to me to check the library. >_>;; But the laws I was talking about were like...I heard you can't chew gum in public, etc. o.o; Weird law, but I heard it's a very clean country. ^____^ Well, after the snow clears, I'll walk to the library. I may as well get out some fiction while I'm there. :D


      WHEEEEE I'M GOING TO JAPAN! -=heart attack=-
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