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13140Re: Live in Japan?

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  • atheniag
    Dec 4, 2003
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      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, KathrynDarkStar@a... wrote:

      > Wow...my dad actually wants to take me on a trip to Japan. The
      reason? To buy
      > cool cosplaying stuff, of course! But...he would feel better if I
      > someone who lived in Japan, so do any of you? I need to know the
      customs, laws,
      > etc., etc.

      Customs don't really apply - you're just a tourist and a foreigner.
      But there are many, many good books on traveling in Japan. Go to a
      local bookstore and check the travel section.

      Laws? What kind of laws? Like about buying stuff? Unless you plan on
      purchasing thousands of dollars of anything, there's no law that is
      going to affect you. I packed all my hundreds of dollars of doujinshi
      and manga and toys in my luggage and took it home. No problem. If
      something is very large or heavy, you can ship it home.

      Other than that, what kinds of laws are you concerned with? Are you
      planning on murdering someone? :-)

      A good place to begin is your local library - the librarians there can
      help you find books about travel to and around Japan.


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