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12570SPOLIERS - Live Action Sailor Moon

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  • Tracy Williams
    Oct 3, 2003
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      Sorry if it's off topic, Erica mentioned it the past week, and thanks to her, I've been counting the days.  :)
      Finished watching the show! It's as silly as I expected it to be. Moonies will be sooo pleased. ^_^ 
       Here's a terrible rundown of the episode, it's almost identical to the anime, but just in case, it might have **spoilers**:

      It starts off with a caped, top hat Tuxedo Mask running off in the night carrying jewels. But, he stops, turns around, and sees: Sailor V! With wonderful tacky Japanese special effects, she and Tuxedo Mask "slice" through each other. He drops lots of jewels. Then she does an amazing back flip that knocks even more jewels outta his hands. With a Sailor V pose, it's enough for him to drop the rest of the jewels and run off in the night.
      Opening credits, which are so wonderfully goofy.  I don't really care for the theme song, which is by C' le something.  XD 
      Then it runs just like the animated show. Usagi wakes up, younger brother seems more bitter in this show. A complete straight-man character. She's late for school, and runs! Then, outta no where, a toy cat falls from the sky! (that looks identical to those Luna plushies releashed a few years back) Usagi looks at it, but sets it down to rush to school. The cat says something, it's toy ears perking up. Usagi gets scolded by the teacher, and after school, she meets up with her best friend, Molly. (Forgot the Japanese name) This time around, Molly's mother is a fashion designer, not a jewelry store owner. Molly invites Usagi to a behind the scenes look of her mother's show rehearsal.
      While they're there, Usagi does her usual fantasy skit, dreaming of being a model. She ends up bumping into a cold, sessay guy. (Gee, I wonder who that is) The scene cuts to Molly's mother, who gets possessed by a CG goopy monster with three hands.
      Usagi goes to bed, but is suddenly awoken by a moving, talking toy cat! She introduces herself as Luna and blah blah blah Sailor Senshi blah blah. Well, Luna bestows Usagi with not the Sailor communicator, but a pink, toy-looking cell phone. Usagi still thinks she's dreaming, and wakes up to again, see the phone. She bounces out of the room, asking her Mom if they can go shopping.
      Well, back at the show, Molly is confronted by her possessed mother, and she knows it isn't really her. She runs off, being chased. She bumps into a production guy, begging for help, which in turn, he just smirks and transforms....into uh...what's his name, that first blonde baddy in the anime. (Complete with blonde curly locks, and a more stylish outfit) Molly see's her mother transform into a monster and she faints.
      Outside, Luna see's all this, and turns around to see Usagi is atop a pillar, trying to get onto the roof of the hall (where the fashion show is (WHY, she's doing it, I dunno. I guess she couldn't get into the building.) Luna  calls out to her, Usagi falls onto her. Luna presents to her two new items. The Moon pen, and the pendant! She looks inside to see a model preparing for the show. Luna tells her to take out the cell phone. She uses the cell phone to take a picture of the model, and instantly, Usagi is dressed up as her!
      Back inside, the show starts. Models come out. Applause. Molly's possessed mother struts out, and knocks everyone out with gas. Usagi, IN HER NORMAL CLOTHES pops in, and screws up her lines. (Luna helps) Mother transforms into monster. Usagi is scared, she doesn't know what to do....and finally, Luna tells her to transform!
      The transformation scene mimicks the anime scenes. Her body is white, and her outfit magically appears piece by piece.
      She fights, still not knowing what to do, Luna tells her something, and S. Moon gets serious. Then she summons her wand, and vanguishes the monster!
      Well, blonde boy is not happy. He throws a icicle-thingy towards S. Moon. Right on cue, Tuxedo Mask saves her! He tells her something short, and walks off. S. Moon is completely in loooove.
      S. Moon stands on a dock by the sea. Luna and S. Moon exhange some words. aaaaand the end. 
      When they are normal girls, there is no wigs. But in their outfits, they look EXACTLY like the comic/anime counterparts. I hope the series lasts long enough to see (of course) Uranus and Neptune!
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