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12534Re: [Yuricon] Stellvia of the Universe, one more time (on topic!)

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  • Erica Friedman
    Sep 30, 2003
      From: Chalcahuite <ximatl@...>

      >Which is what I've been doing while waiting for new episodes of Airmaster
      >and Ikkitousen to make their way through the channel. Any day now. . .
      >only seen the first four episodes so far, but the next four are waiting to
      >be watched. So far I'm enjoying it. And since its finished, I'll be able
      >to finish watching it pretty soon.

      I've been tempted to send nasty emails to Anime Junkies and demand they give
      me more Air Master upon pain of death. LOL And the next manga won't be out
      until "winter" (how vague is that?)

      No new One Piece, no new Tantei Gakuen Q, no new Ikkitousen, no new Air
      Master...whine....I'm in a holding pattern with almost all my anime and

      Stellivia filled up the gap for a while. Now I'm watching Get Backers
      entirely because Ogata Megumi has a role. It's a completely shounen version
      of Kaitou Saint Tail and is about as realistic.

      I watched Megami Paradise, because Ogata Megumi and Mitsuishi Kotono had
      roles and laughed myself sick. It's a fanservice-y PWP with scantily-clad
      women running around doing, essentially, not much. But MO does scream so



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