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12511we think she needs......

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  • jason
    Sep 26, 2003
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      she really needs some help here with all of these weird dances she
      does....meybe if we put some music on she will dance normal or
      (Sounds of 80's metal music)
      wiats for reaction.....

      (sounds of anime sounds tracks)
      waits for reaction.......

      (bad music from porn movies)
      shives by how bad it is......

      (classical music is heard)
      watchs for action.....

      (hard core rap music blares out)
      shoots radio and wheels in new cd player

      (weird al gets played by design somehow....)
      ok not quite what we wanted.......

      (jose quarevo, county song....not sure who the female singer is)
      pores the drinks at the bar and waits for some one to dnace on the
      bar and since its before 8pm we know some girl thats dancing by
      themselves is going to out of thier shirt before too long....

      sorry for the comments but i just had to which types of music shew
      could dnace best to. or at least likes.

      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, "kun" <kun@l...> wrote:
      > Hello there =^.^=
      > I just want to take this time to welcome all the new members who
      > Yuricon while I was on vacation. So welcome, and I hope you don't
      plan on
      > lurking. Lurking bad...
      > *does a little talkoutloud dance*
      > Kun
      > ----'-,-{@
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