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  • atheniag
    Sep 2, 2003
      We just had a run on membership, so I wanted to take a sec and welcome
      all the new folks to our happy little list.

      We don't encourage lurking here, so feel free to step up and say hi,
      be welcomed heartily, then jump into conversations about your fave
      yuri anime/manga/doujinshi.

      To begin with, I'm Erica, the list owner and de facto ruler. Kun, who
      acts as Right Hand of God will probably introduce herself, as well.

      I like new, cutting edge yuri, especially if it's incredibly beautiful
      or tackier than hell. I'm also a fan of finding horribly obscure old
      unknown yuri manga then torturing eveyone with fanfic that makes no
      sense, because no one has read the darn thing. :-)

      Anyway, welcome all!


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