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  • kun
    Sep 2, 2003
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      > In the first arc, they beat the crap out of some enforcers at lunchtime at
      > the new school. By the time they get back to class, Kita is already getting
      > love letters. The first one is from a little girl named Machiko, and all the
      > other girls are really peeved that Machiko got there first. A flurry of love
      > letters and requests for study lessons follow. Poor Kita-san. LOL She has no
      > idea how to cope.
      > Watching Kita freak out everytime as the girls flock to her is definitely
      > part of the fun of this series. LOL

      Is this the manga where the one girl patiently waits for the other to save
      her all the time? ;)

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