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11786Yuricon Dance Sketch

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  • Kathryn Williams
    Jul 31, 2003
      Before I die for the day (sleep that is) Thought I'd post this. Sorry it has
      taken so long to get it up. I've still not got around to writing my con
      report (good thing I have a photo graphic memory) This is the sketch I was
      drawing during the dance:


      I can remember ever detail of that night but not the girls name and I lost
      her business card too Arrggghhh!!!! (I know, I have a memory for images and
      deatils but horrible with names) If anyone knows how to contact her could
      they tell her the sketch is now up and that I'm sorry about lossing her
      business card. I think I got about 20 or so handded to me over the weekend.
      I think it got lost during the rush of packing everything up.

      Well, Off to sleep with me. Been scripting all night long and need sleep.

      Kun, Luck to you on your new project. Hope the to of you don't knock each
      other out or anything like that LOL

      Okay I'm in real need of sleep because I'm making no sence to myself now.

      oyasumi nasai

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