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11648Re: [Yuricon] Yuri Movie Suggestions (OT?)

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  • Shannon Stricof
    Jul 7, 2003
      You're always sooo busy Kat. Dont you ever relax???

      Kathryn Williams <neko_haruka@...> wrote:
      Sorry I've been away for a while. I have a few I can list but most are manga
      and not Anime (or the shoujo ai only shows up really in the manga)

      Firstly my fav, Alien 9 - I know there is only questionable scenes in the
      Anime but that is only half the story. In volumes 2 and 3 Yuri and Kumi
      kiss. In Vol 4 (when they are in High school) the two are living together.
      Nothing more then kissing and confessing their love to each other but that
      is enough for me.

      Yokohama Kadashi Kihou as not one but severl kisses between a three girl
      love triangle. It is very cute the way Alpha keeps blushing and fainting
      when whe is kissed. There is an Anime for the first volume or so of the
      Manga and a new series with focuses on Volume 7.

      Chirality is another Manga where the girls end up together in the end.

      I know if I dug through my anime pile I could pull out more but right now my
      mind is still in art mode so all it can think of is The Shadowlands (Working
      on Chapter 4 right now, Should make alot of you happy >^_^<)

      Problem I'm running into now is finding Shoujo ai series where both girls
      *live* in the end.

      Anyways, I'll post more as I find them. Once I get the next installment of
      the Shadowlands finished I'll be adding more reviews and such which I'll
      post when they are up.

      Well, Back to work with me.

      jaa ne


      > Hello all,
      > Slowly but steadily I collect dvds with lesbian themes/movies. My very
      last item was Revolutionary Girl Utena - The Movie, a film that I simply
      adore for many obvious (and not so obvious reasons), that I am more than
      willing to discuss.
      > I would be really grateful if you could suggest anime movies or particular
      series episodes with a strong yuri theme, where the relationships are
      obvious and not wishful thinking. Preferably films I could buy on-line as I
      do not live in the US; region however is not a problem.
      > Thanks in advance and appologies if I just broke any mailing-list rule, I
      am rather new into this.
      > All the best,
      > DL
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