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11616Re: [Yuricon] Yuri Movie Suggestions (OT?)

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  • Erica Friedman
    Jul 3, 2003
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      >From: Cyborgnut42@...

      >or like in sailormoon s
      >that sailor uranus and neptune are lovers but from what i have seen
      >you dont actually ever see anything
      >if i am in the wrong someone please tell me because id love to see some eps
      >with one or the other pledging there love for one another
      >or even just a kiss

      Well, it is, because shoujo anime simply doesn't have much in the way of
      that for *any* couple...but...

      The Sailor Moon Super S Special (still available online from VKLL
      www.spots.ab.ca/~lamv/, as far as I know) has a 15 minute segment about
      Haruka and Michiru, where the punchline is, "A world without Haruka isn't
      worth saving." Plus Haruka flirts with the maid. :) All in all, worth

      But that's the best you're gonna get from them.



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