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11615Re: [Yuricon] Yuri Movie Suggestions (OT?)

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  • Cyborgnut42@aol.com
    Jul 3, 2003
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      i have to agree with erica on what was said

      and i have seen ghost in the shell and i liked it

      but i have not been able to find the manga but a pal of mine who has read it said that there was a few lesbian scenes with the main character

      but that she had to have fun with her lovers via cyberspace

      which to me would seem right since she is 100% cyborg

      but i wish they had put it in the anime since she was as said a bit butch

      and i also liked what was said about card captor sakura

      with tomoyo being inspired with sakura

      or like in sailormoon s
      that sailor uranus and neptune are lovers but from what i have seen

      you dont actually ever see anything

      if i am in the wrong someone please tell me because id love to see some eps with one or the other pledging there love for one another
      or even just a kiss

      i hope thats not too much to ask?

      and i also wanna say thanks to all the helpers out there for pointing me the way to look for yuri titles on the enternet

      now that i have some titles

      im gonna try and ask my out of town shop to order me some(i have to use an out of town place to buy,because anime is not sold and is kinda tabooed where i live)

      thanks again


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