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11614Re: [Yuricon] Yuri Movie Suggestions (OT?)

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  • Erica Friedman
    Jul 3, 2003
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      >From: "Dark Light" <darklight@...>

      >I have to say that I always check the obvious spots first ;). However, to
      >the best of my understanding, the list is pretty much down to people's
      >interpretation. For example, I have seen Ghost in the Shell and though the
      >main hero could be described as butch (and lovely) the word lesbian didn't
      >occured to me while watching the film.

      If I recall correctly, that series is only listed under "Manga" not anime,
      too. In the manga (the uncensored version) there is an extremely explicit
      lesbian menage-a-trois.

      >I was hoping to get people's opinions about films they particularily like
      >and why do they think those films should be classified under yuri. Perhaps
      >I set my expectations too high :)

      Well, do please remembe that what to one person is explicitly lesbian, to
      another is bare acknoweldgment. :-) For instance, Card Captor Sakura is a
      perfect example. In the manga Tomoyo makes it fairly plain that she has
      designs on Sakura. In the anime, she is simply admiring and obsessed. It
      makes sense to interpret that as desire/attraction, but it can just as
      easily be passed off as hero worship.

      As for me, there are so darn few really "lesbian" characters by my
      interpretation, that it's ocassionally frustrating. For every Haruka and
      Michiru, there are many dozens of Tomoyos. And even H&M are never seen

      That's why I think SnB ought to be an anime. :-) THEN we'd see the overtly
      lesbian lead kissing other, completely willing, female characters, dammit!



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