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11578Re: Longest con report of them all

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  • Christina
    Jul 1 8:51 AM
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      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, "Pat" <oneiric22@y...> wrote:

      > She's going to absolutely kill me, but I'll tell you anyway. ^^

      I'm not going to kill you. I'm just going to plot your demise from
      afar. LOL.

      > It wasn't a very good picture, so she's all worried that hearts
      > be broken over Teh Sexay not being so sexay as she twirls.

      Nope. I'll just stand by what I said time and time again, with that
      pic as proof: I'm not that great looking. See, I wasn't kidding
      when I told you not to listen to Pat and Nic. ^^;;;

      And I'm not worried about broken hearts, I'm more worried about
      the too-lavish proouncements made over the list. ^^;; I don't want
      people to resent me. ^.^; I dunno.

      And I wasn't twirling. "Escaping" is the word I'd use. "Escaping."
      ^_^ and with good reason! LOL.

      I'm currently in the middle of planning on getting some decent
      shots of myself so that I have something other than that to show
      what I look like. I'm not that great looking, but that <points at the
      posted pic> isn't particularly flattering, either. LOL. ^^;;;;;;

      > I'll be trying to find a British woman to hide behind, if anyone
      > needs me. <runs away>

      Hey! No fair, hiding behind unsuspecting British women! I've got
      dibs! If you find one, I get to have her! <laugh> (but good call on
      your part. If you do happen to find one, I will be most distracted,
      and your demise will become no more than an idle threat long
      forgotten) ^_^
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