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11070Re: Re: [Yuricon] Welcome to all our new list members!

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  • nuriseiya@rogers.com
    Jun 1, 2003
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      > ahhhh ok..
      > *steps out of shadows* ^^()
      > I'm new so I'll introduce myself breifly since it is the rule ne~ ^^
      > yamiko desu yoroshiku onegaiishimasuuuu ^__^/
      > I joined really recently to gear up for Yuricon ^^()
      > err umm my old fav couple was Haruka and michiru, 2nd WAS utena and anthy but right now my fav is from a US kinda novel called "the keeper cronicles" Diana & kris ^_^ ..wow mentioning a book I feel like a geek but it's the only novel I read these days..XD

      Another Tanya Huff fan! *glees* :D
      Welcome ;) And I must say... Kris is cool ;) Diana's a little too arrogant for my tastes.


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