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11062Re: Welcome to all our new list members!

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  • Dave
    Jun 1 11:15 AM
      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, "atheniag" <e.l.f.@i...> wrote:
      > We've had a sudden surge of new members, so I wanted to take a
      > and welcome you all to the Yuricon Mailing List, the "Least sucky
      > group of people you'll meet online," as i like to say. :-)
      > Please feel free to delurk and introduce yourselves, share any
      > favorite yuri couples, scenes, series, etc. We always like to talk
      > about the thing that brings us all together here. :-)

      Thank you, it's nice to be here :)

      Let's see... Sailor Moon of course Haruka/Michiru are so cool, and
      despite it being not the most popular BSSM pairing, I like
      Makoto/Minako as well. And although I haven't seen the series yet
      (just the movie) I love Utena too.

      And of course the chara that brought me here... Yuriko totally rocks!!

      Hope to get a chance to meet some interesting people here and make a
      few new friends.


      ainoderringer (Dave san).
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