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  • Rose
    May 2, 2003
      >Lmao! Well I see no such thing as bad art. Every piece has a
      >potential of growth and developement. Besides, art is totally in the
      >eye of the beholder, what some may think is good others may see as ?
      >bad, there is no bad art. I can offer you hints and suggestion to
      >help you achieve a certain style but I won't tell you how to draw.
      >Every artist has thier own style and what they learn from others and
      >I don't believe it's right when I encounter artists who say "you can
      >only do things this way..." I have bursted alot of bubbles in the
      >fanfic community over that same arguement. I do agree what the other
      >person said too( her name on here escapes me at the moment, I just
      >woke up,bear with me,lol), using live models is best, but use them
      >when you feel you are ready. If you feel only comfrtable with a 2-d
      >image model for now, use it as a stepping stone to graduate up. I am
      >sure you will make an excellent artist one day with enough practice
      >and motivation. Feel free to email me your art at any time, I love
      >to see other styles. And if you have any questions, I will try to
      >help int he best of my ability.

      o.o; Again, thanks.


      I Don't Think Anyone Can Say It,
      Quite Like You Can.
      Say It Again.

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