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  • Renee
    May 2, 2003
      Lmao! Well I see no such thing as bad art. Every piece has a potential of growth and developement. Besides, art is totally in the eye of the beholder, what some may think is good others may see as bad, there is no bad art. I can offer you hints and suggestion to help you achieve a certain style but I won't tell you how to draw. Every artist has thier own style and what they learn from others and I don't believe it's right when I encounter artists who say "you can only do things this way..." I have bursted alot of bubbles in the fanfic community over that same arguement. I do agree what the other person said too( her name on here escapes me at the moment, I just woke up,bear with me,lol), using live models is best, but use them when you feel you are ready. If you feel only comfrtable with a 2-d image model for now, use it as a stepping stone to graduate up. I am sure you will make an excellent artist one day with enough practice and motivation. Feel free to email me your art at any time, I love to see other styles. And if you have any questions, I will try to help int he best of my ability.

      Rose <UtenasRedRose@...> wrote:

      > You're welcome. I am glad I was atleast some help. I would like to
      see some of work sometime. ^_-

      Only if you don't mind being temporarily blinded.  As soon as I get
      the chance to scan some of it, I'll post some form or another of it. 
      *Walks off complaining about the unintentional use of Miracle-Gro in
      a drawing*


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