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  • Kathryn Williams
    May 1 11:59 PM
      Johann is correct. If you don't know the skill of drawing a moving traget it
      is not good practice to try to learn that way (remembers being made to draw
      live birds.. ack) . Plus with photo's you can seach for the proper angel you
      are looking for and work from that.

      My Art teacher once told us that if you can't works from a photo first you
      shouldn't bother tyring to work from a model. Seeing as you are creating a
      2d image from a 3d source there should be no different from working with a
      model or a photo.

      Anyways, That is enough ymmering out of me.

      jaa ne

      > People in public usually won't stay still long enough to be used for
      > reference.
      > It's not like they're modeling for an artist.
      > --
      > Johann Chua -- HP: http://www.geocities.com/fuuma_1999/
      > "Does anything last forever? Does love? Does pain? I'll
      > tell you when I'm a thousand years old." Karen Kunawicz
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