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10741Re: [Yuricon] Yuricon Panelists Wanted

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  • Sean Gaffney
    May 1 1:21 AM
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      This would be a good time to mention the panels that I'll be
      moderating this Yuricon. Men's Place in Yuri Fanfiction I mentioned
      earlier, and there are still 2 panel slots available. This panel
      will discuss both men who write yuri and the role of males in yuri
      fanfics, i.e. what do we do with Mamoru?. It's open to both men and
      women, of course.

      I'm also running the Fanfiction Workshop. Do you want to be a writer
      but don't know if your prose is good enough to post online without
      being shunned by all whom you hold so dear? Come show us! We can
      give you advice of grammar/spelling, plot and characterization, and
      all the other little things that separate good fanfics from merely
      satisfactory ones. Note this is an open workshop - it doesn't have
      panelists per se. Everyone who attends is encouraged to bring work
      to be read, and to read other's work. The only rules are to not
      bring any epics with you (about 25K is the upper limit on fic size),
      and that the fic has to have yuri as its main focus (cause, well,
      this is Yuricon). I hope to see a large turnout! :-D

      And lastly, I'll be hosting the Hentai Panel. It's out there, we've
      all seen it, and some of us even admit to searching it out. Discuss
      anything and everything related to shoujo-ai and yuri hentai here,
      from doujinshi, to lemon fanfiction, to basic kana training so you
      can surf Surpara and Tinami for yuri, to the dreaded dickgirl ruining
      your lovely yuri. Anything goes here (politely, of course).

      If anyone is interested in any of these panels/workshops, please
      email me at sean@.... You can lick Juri-sama's boots if
      you like, but realize I may ask you to eat flesh for Shiori as well.

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