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Phase 2 on the Yuricon Store is complete!

Wow. The backfilling on the new Yuricon Store is complete! All the English Manga, English Anime, Japanese Manga, Light Novels and Yuri Literature that we can
6:30 PM

Yoru no nai kuni - possible yuri-centered JRPG

Hi! Not sure if anyone's mentioned it yet, but colour me hyped for Gust's upcoming JRPG, Yuro no nai kuni, "Land of No Night". * It's headed by Keisuke
Andreas Wilhelmsson
May 23

Re: First commercially published Yuri Manga in Tagalog - World Canva

PS, because I pressed "Send" before actually attaching them, here are photos of the batch of 10 that I got. Please note that PhP50 is approximately USD 1. If
Joy Bordador
May 23
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Re: First commercially published Yuri Manga in Tagalog - World Canva

Hi everyone, I was able to procure ten (10) copies of World Canvas! :D Each copy is 5 inches by 7 inches in dimension though about 1 centimetre in thickness. I
Joy Bordador
May 23

The best of all possible worlds

Comic Yuri Hime has finally hit a delightful balance point for fans. It can't last, but check out my review to see what the winning formula is: Yuri Manga:
May 22

Re: Yuri Visual Novel - Starlight Vega

Hello again! I wanted to point out that the Kickstarter campaign for Starlight Vega can be found here: Starlight Vega - Visual Novel
May 19

2 Things I learned while rewatching Sailor Moon from the beginning

I've been rewatching the original Sailor Moon anime from the beginning and this week, I learned two things. Check out my review of Disk 2 on Okazu to find out
May 19

Please help support Okazu and Yuricon

Banging the drum once more, because we are amazingly close to our "Launch the Yuricon Store" goal! We're hoping to be able to launch the Store in August and
May 15

Queer & Comic Conference Report

This past week I went to the very first Queer & Comics, the very first conference fully sponsored by an academic institution on LGBTQ comics. It was so
May 10
May 10

Re: First commercially published Yuri Manga in Tagalog - World Canva

Hi everyone! I'm sorry for suddenly vanishing like that, I suddenly got busy so soon after posting this. X_x I checked and the market locally has either sold
Joy Bordador
May 7

New on Yuricon Store page now available!

Thanks to our beloved and sage webmaster, we now have a new feed just so you can keep up with what's new on the Yuricon Store!
May 6

Stay on top of what's new on the Yuricon Store

Want to stay on top of what's new on the Yuricon Store? Visit any product category page and Sort by Newness! Here are direct links to the product categories
May 1

Second "Yuri Culture" essay from Eureka magazine publicly available

Terribly exciting news today. The second translated article from Eureka magazine’s “The Current State of Yuri Culture
Apr 26

Today on Okazu - Ikkitousen XX and violence in anime

Ikkitousen Xtreme Xecutor Anime, Disk 1 (English) http://okazu.yuricon.com/2015/04/21/ikkitousen-xtreme-xecutor-anime-disk-1-english/
Apr 21
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