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Auto cross yugo specs! need help!

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  • jason
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    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 18, 2003
      >Hiya evey 1! Need a Quick Rack for my Yugo but surprise surprise no
      >one has got Yugo listed, so does any 1 no what the Yugo has the same
      >steering rack as? I would think it the same as the fiat 127,128 or
      >lada? but i dont no! Also it needs stifer springs i want the same
      >ride hight but they just need to be stifer does any no what the
      >ratios are for the front springs?? I have got the chouse between 1:1
      >1:2 1:3 1:4 for stifer springs, any 1 help? I do no the thing about
      >puting a 3rd leaf on the leaf spring on the back.
      >Also ive lowerd the back and got the camber correct by moving the
      >hole on the shock absorber! a bit of weld did that ok! but I need to
      >get the tracking on the back done now,but does any 1 no if it is toe
      >in or toe out on the back (and the front as well) and if so by how
      >All this info that I do need! so if some 1 nows it will be a great
      >help! becuse I cant find out any of this out.
      >Thanks Jason
      >Autocross (grass) Yugo 1500cc
      >Fiat x1/9 abarth replica
      >Fiat Tempra 1600cc left hand drive!
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