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COMMERCIAL- New Weathering Video Now Available

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  • Darryl Huffman
    Friends, this is a commercial annoucement. I have a brand new video available and ready for immediate shipment. This is a 2 hour video clinic on weathering.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2005
      Friends, this is a commercial annoucement.

      I have a brand new video available and ready for immediate shipment.

      This is a 2 hour video clinic on weathering. Designed for the new
      as well as the experienced builder, the video is called "Easy
      The name tells it all. Each demonstration shows all the materials
      techniques used. The video covers Rusty Metal, Rotten Wood, Peeling
      and more. Each demonstration covers each and every step. Each step
      clearly shown and carefully explained. Anyone can do this. All
      techniques are very easy to use.

      The video is available on DVD or VHS. The introductory price is $20.
      Shipping and handling is $5 to anywhere in the US or Canada. The DVD
      version can be mailed anyplace in the world for $6.

      There is no Driftwood used on the video. I don't use an airbrush
      Everything is easily available and most people already have the
      around the house. The few items you don't have are cheap and readily

      The first project is turning a new 1/43rd scale 1936 Ford kit into a
      rusted out hulk.

      Corregated siding is next. For O scalers, I show how to make your
      own siding quickly and cheaply. Some siding is simply painted, and
      pieces are soaked in acid for a completely rusted look.

      Distressing, painting, and staining wood, both individual pieces and
      siding, is shown up close.

      Peeling paint techniques are covered next, both on stripwood, scribed
      siding, and plastic structures.

      Finished examples of all techniques are shown.

      Some of the techniques are those commonly used by experienced model
      builders, but a couple of the techniques shown are ones I developed
      and I
      have never shared these before. Nor have I ever seen anyone use
      them. Both
      are unbelieveably simple and effective. The type of weathering
      that makes you want to slap your forehead and say, "I should have
      thought of

      There is something here for everyone. Satisfaction is guaranteed, of
      course, or all your money will be cheerfully refunded without

      Now, I couldn't show all the weathering techniques I use in just two
      of course, but there is enough information here for anyone to
      weather all kinds of kits and materials.

      Again, the introductory price is $20 for the DVD version and the VHS
      version. 2 hours in length. $5 shipping to anywhere in the US and

      Please specify DVD or VHS when you order.

      I accept cash, personal checks, money orders, or Paypal. I ship as
      soon as
      I have an address. I have dealt with model railroaders for decades
      and I
      have never had a problem yet.

      You can see a couple of photos of the work in progress at my website
      at this


      My Paypal identifier is my email address: darrylhuffman@...

      Checks can be mailed to:

      Darryl Huffman
      12020 Old Seward Highway
      Anchorage, AK 99515
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