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9062Re: [Yorke_Kits] If you'd Like to help.

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  • Ken Burney
    Dec 1, 2007
      WOW!!! Nick thanks for the info on this poster. What a tool, I kind of
      thought he was out of line, but now that I know he is not a buyer of
      Tom's stuff he has really gone down the crapper in my book.

      R. Gimbel,
      You really need to find a hobby, other than troll. Maybe Cross Stitch.

      Ken the guy from AR

      Nick Thompson wrote:
      > Howdy "R. Gimble",
      > Actually I think this thread was about the lack of response when
      > photographs, or other images of **built up** Yorke kits, are
      > published to mainstream On30 lists and the like, rather than lack of
      > response to kit announcements.
      > Kit announcements vs. comments on building the kits are different and
      > unrelated things.
      > As for your email today, yesterday, and on Nov 4th: OK we get it, You
      > are beginning to sound like a cyberstalker with these long winded rants.
      > You already wrote 2 other extremely long winded and rambling
      > dissertations on this topic.
      > Sending the same thing over and over gets old.
      > And by the way, remember this list is a little like footprints in the
      > snow. It may be entertaining for people to diminish Tom's (and
      > others) reputation here, but what you write here stays around. When
      > Tom clears his backlog and gets over the difficulties that have
      > plagued him over these last few years and returns to his normal mode
      > of operation, these words remain for anyone to google. So think
      > about the semi permanence of the things you write.
      > Also bear in mind that criticism is always best done in a reflective
      > and considered manner. Typing words in caps, reiterating the same
      > thing over and over, diminishes respect for, and (dare I say) the
      > credibility of, the original poster.
      > As for me, I'm putting my money where my mouth is. I've ordered some
      > of Tom's recent kits and am waiting for others to be delivered. I
      > have no problem with waiting because Tom is a craftsman who makes
      > unique work. Sure, I'd like to see more timely delivery, but I
      > appreciate that he's been put through the wringer.
      > You can throw stones from the sidelines if you like, but a review of
      > your contribution to this list would indicate 4 postings since 2005
      > (I was off this list for a few months so possibly missed others), one
      > of which discussed a BTS kit, and three in the last month which
      > ranted about your opinions, yet you freely admit that you "haven't
      > purchased any of your [Tom's] kits".
      > We've all heard you, so quieten up at the back there.
      > And Tom, please hang in there, because there's a bunch of us want to
      > see you get back on your feet.
      > Regards
      > Nick
      > On Nov 30, 2007, at 12:13 PM, gimble43 wrote:
      > >
      > > Yes it is funny. Every time I add some photos I too get no
      > > response. If Dallas or almost anybody else posts photos there is a
      > > flurry of responses. Go figure.
      > >
      > > Tom
      > >
      > > Tom, the reason is that folks like Dallas have creditability and
      > > ships as promised, YOU DON'T. If Dallas made folks wait 2 years for a
      > > kit that was paid for there wouldn't be a flurry of responses at all.
      > > I have done business with Dallas many many times and he is very well
      > > organized and ships as promised. He knows he has to as it is only
      > > source of income. Dallas also sells to many dealers scattered over
      > > the world so he is a very busy fellow. His products are nice and are
      > > reasonably priced to what folks can afford.
      > > As mentioned before, CREDITABILITY is the most important factor
      > > here. It doesn't matter how nice your products are, if your
      > > creditabilty is shot, the kits just won't sell that well or at all.
      > >
      > > R. Gimble
      > >
      > >
      > >
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