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893Re: [Yorke_Kits] New Plan Booklet Available Soon

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  • Craig Kanewske
    Jul 6, 2004
      YEAH, TOM'S BACK!!!

      take it easy on the curves, Tom--we don't want you to derail.

      Craig Kanewske

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      From: tomyorkethebigstuff <tomyorke@...>
      To: Yorke_Kits@yahoogroups.com <Yorke_Kits@yahoogroups.com>
      Date: Monday, July 05, 2004 10:12 AM
      Subject: [Yorke_Kits] New Plan Booklet Available Soon

      >Greetings all,
      >First, let me thank all of you who sent along well wishes. Much
      >appreciated. I am home and hobbling around some with my
      >walker. Incidently, the gauge of which (if it had flanged wheels) is
      >just about 24". So, I guess you could say, I have a narrow gauge
      >Now to more important things. There is a new plan book taking
      >shape now. Its the only thing I can do right now anyway! It will
      >feature Gn15 locos, rolling stock and some tiny structures. All
      >plans as well as being in 1/2" scale will also be represented in
      >1/4" scale for those so inclined. Some fiddling may need to be
      >done to get things to work in On30 or so, but it still should be
      >pretty easy for those who follow that gauge/scale. Save or collect
      >those Bachmann HO trollie mechanisms for On30 work. The
      >Gn15 equipment will utilize eather a Black Beetle or the
      >Bachmann On30 Trolley mechanism, as well as a few others.
      >Should be available around Narrow Gauge Convention time.
      >Happy 4th, all....
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