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8228Re: Whither Tom Yorke? WAS: State of the Union Message

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  • michael lynch
    Jun 1, 2007
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      --- In Yorke_Kits@yahoogroups.com, Mike South <mikesouth@...> wrote:
      > What follows is a strictly personal point of view, but it has
      been (I
      > hope) carefully considered... :-)

      If you think that building structures and dioramas one at a time and
      selling them easily is a snap, then i suggest you take a shot with
      your best effort on ebay and see exactly how many bids and final
      selling price you obtain. I think you would be in for a shock.

      Oh and do not forget, you have to figure out how to ship that wonder
      you built, so the thing doesn't end up in pieces as tooth pics or in
      hydrocal dust. Take it from one who knows and has built 462 dioramas
      in HO And O scale.

      There are really on two kit manufacturers who have lasted. George
      Sellios of Fine scale Miniatures fame since 1967 and Bob Van Gelder
      of South River Modelworks since around 1990. Both do only HO scale
      and produce 500 + of their once a year releases. But they are
      concentrating on the most popular scale and their items are more
      collected than built.

      Tom Yorke has been around since the 70"s producing both HO and O
      scale plus some G. Too attract the collector/builder one must have
      full page colour adverts in the magazine of full blown dioramas of
      their kits, these cost around $6000.00 ONE TIME.

      Goof just once on your selection to build and offer a design and if
      the public doesn't care for it, ya cannot eat it.!!!!!!!!!

      FSM has had a couple that did not sell well and took 2-3 years to
      sell out of those kits. It takes them 9 months to design and produce
      a new kit. So its not like you can just rush to market with something
      else. Not the ideal prescription for success.

      Lots of people have all these great ideas about "the road to
      success", but they are usually university business professors sitting
      contented in their 'tenure' and not facing the real world of business
      and getting out there and scrapping for orders. Pie in the sky
      dreamers !

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