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7718Re:--engine house #113 wall sizes

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  • michael lynch
    Feb 1, 2007
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      > >
      > Mike could you give us the dimensions of the walls ie. height and
      length of
      > the engine house and an approximate price
      > Thanks > Murray Scholz
      > visit my model railway at
      > http://bogongandgeehi.blogspot.com/
      Murray...the pair of side walls measure 17 3/16" from end to
      end.....front height is 5 1/2' pitching down too 5" at the rear.
      Each rear wall section (3) 2 of them measures 5 1/2" wide and the
      centre one is 5" for a total of 16" roughly. The ROUNDHOUSE front
      door openings is 11 5/8 outside of the walls to outside. Or 17 3/8
      if made as a 3 stall ENGINEHOUSE straight across the front.

      The mold rubber i use from dow corning is VERY expensive and these
      are very large walls and will consume a lot of rubber. The thickness
      of the walls is 3/4" thick. I would expect this to be somewhere
      between $200.00---250.00 for the engine house and the #114 machine
      shop or boiler house.
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