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  • Murray & Emma Scholz
    Feb 1, 2007
      In Yorke_Kits@yahoogroups.com mike350@ wrote

      > Well Buzz....i will do a small run of them both if there is enough
      > interest. Those very large walls will consume a large amount of dow
      > corning rubber to make the molds and its VERY expensive.
      > Basically its 4 side walls and 3 end walls in hydrocal . By switching
      > one of the walls from the other side to the other it could easily be
      > stretched to accomodate ON3 or On30 RGS K series locos.
      > Last one of these roundhouse or engine house yorke kits went for
      > $380.00 + with the boiler house going for $175.00 , on ebay.
      > I say roundhouse, because it could easily be built as either a
      > roundhouse leading to a turntable as plans or could be built as an
      > engine house 3 stall. By offering an extra rear back wall section
      > casting, the building could be built to accomodate as many bays as
      > one wanted.
      > I could re make these to sell for significantly less, but again need
      > at least 15 people to say , ya put me down and then send a deposit
      > when asked for.
      > okay who is interested in the egine house #113 + power house #114 as
      > a kit....madmike3434
      Mike could you give us the dimensions of the walls ie. height and length of
      the engine house and an approximate price


      Murray Scholz

      visit my model railway at
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