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  • Tom Yorke
    Sep 1, 2006
      .......................... I'm getting closer to seeing the light I think. I still have some special
      back orders to cast up. These vary from HO, to 1/4" to Gn15. The Cemeteries are being
      cast. As soon as I get more resin, the last of the Pool Halls will be done. Got all new
      moulds ready to go.

      This pre diabetes thing is driving me nuts. Makes me tired and any activity at all sets of an
      attack of the sweats. Really slows me down. The pleasures of getting older I guess. Wow!
      The "Silver" years! What a crock.

      I am going to be doing an "economy trux" series soon. These will be just basic vehicles
      which can be detailed as you wish. This will keep the prices down for you. We all have tons
      of wood and styrene as well as detail parts and junk. The first offering will be a 1920
      Justin. It's a "C" cab with engine in front and will be offered in a basic resin kit which
      includes the entire truck, but no rear. You will need to build your own flat bed or box.
      Three versions; as built with wooden wheels, mid era with artilary wheels and modern with
      big pneumatic tires on pressed steel wheels. I was hoping to get help casting these kits,
      but that isn't going to happen, so you'll just have to wait until I can get to them.

      I would like to thank all of my "regulars" for supporting me and my products. Without your
      continued support I wouldn't be here. You know who you are. Thanks! I only wish there
      were more of you, because this economy is really taking its toll on sales growth. There is
      non to speak of. I wonder if this is hobby-wide (liesure industry) and a reaction to what's
      happening in the world today. To be sure, these are not good times. There isn't a heck of a
      lot I can do, so I just try and lose myself in the trains.

      Back to packing up stuff.......