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6826Getting caught up...

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  • Tom Yorke
    Jul 30, 2006
      ....................... I thank all of you who have helped thus far. But, we are only running at about
      20%. I want so much to catch up, but I need the deposits for Pepito's if this is going to work. I
      not only have to pay the regular bills, I need extra to put into production to speed things up.
      If you have reserved one but have not sent in your payment, please, please do so. Also, a
      quick note here; the locomotive prints will only be offered until supply (which is small) runs

      I don't want to be a pest or a whiner, but I really want this to work. This is the best chance to
      get things done and caught up. I don't know of any other. Its a monumental task, but it can
      be done with your help.

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