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5523Re: Getting caught up...

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  • Tom Yorke
    Feb 2, 2006
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      --- In Yorke_Kits@yahoogroups.com, "Angela Ogden" <angela@...> wrote:
      > Tom ,
      > Retiring isn't out of the question , it's just that we haven't done
      > with you yet , so you'll have to keep going for the time being . You can
      > stop when you run out of good ideas . That should see this decade out !
      > My bank manager is relieved to here you say that Pepito's won't be
      > suitable for me . You're last suggestion sounds interesting as the buildings
      > look as if they wouldn't be too hard to scratchbuild . So I'll probably go
      > down that route .
      > No chance of designing something for us East Coast modellers ?
      > Looking forward to a delivery from Dunwoody soon ,
      > Nick

      Some of the larger structures in the Sketchbook #4 are eastern. Its just the main two
      buildings in Pepito's that are adobe/stone that wouldn't really work for you. If those were
      scratch built and either corrugated or shingled, you'd be in business.

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