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  • Tom Yorke
    Feb 2, 2006
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      --- In Yorke_Kits@yahoogroups.com, bill davis <billcheri72@...> wrote:
      > Hi Tom,
      > Glad you are getting caught up!! Kit # 2 and 3 of the ACS arrived today. Question: Is #4
      going to be part of # 2 and 3 or a whole sperate item? I don't want to build it untill I have
      all the parts. Also how is the Porter coming along? When do you think you'll be doing the
      Quitman Store? I'm asking only because need to plan for the money. Don't want to be
      caught short.
      > Regards BILL DAVIS

      ACS #4 will be a little ways away yet, but can be used in conjunction with the two before it.
      It doesn't have to be. It won't be connected to the building in any way, but it could be in
      close proximity as a storage shed or used by itself. It's safe to build the #2 & #3. Go
      ahead and have some fun!

      The Porter is finished. I need to do instructions and plans as well as cast them. That will be
      in March. I am doing bits and pieces now along with Pool Halls using left over resin or
      what would be scrap. Waste not, want not.

      The first 10 Quitman Stores will be out right after the Pool Halls. The real run will be done
      this summer.

      This May I will announce the Pepito's Pintos factory - in whatever form it will end up being.
      Still have lots of design left to do. The locomotive as boiler and water tank/boiler house
      has been designed. This will be a part of the kit that needs to be in full view. I may do a
      whole "instruction novel" with color photos to go along with the kits. Haven't decided yet.
      It would come with the kits, but would be available as a booklet by itself for other scales.

      Have fun up there in the hills. Wish I was retired!

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